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Russian Wedding Beliefs

Every culture has a wealth of wedding traditions and Russia is no exception. While some current Russian couples opt for a more “westernized” service that simply requires them to sign their names in a registry office ( or as we call it Zags), there are still those who want to go the whole hog and have the standard Conservative party https://www.globalfundforwomen.org/womens-human-rights/ with all of its associated fun.

As an example, a standard Russian pair did greet their kids as they enter the house with bread and salt. This is a way of wishing the fresh handful a long living together. After this, the brides will have a special meal of korovai, a round marriage food filled with different characters such as birds, blooms, sun and stars, all wishing the couple wellbeing, prosperity and happiness.

During the reception, friends are encouraged to lose a bit of income on the floor around the honeymooners, known as “dvoryanka”. This is a traditional custom that embodies a couple’s desire for great success in life.

Another custom is that the wedding throws her flowers at the customers instead of the wedding. People caught it is thought to be the person who will marry the future, so they must be very cautious not to trample also tough. A piece of the plate must be positioned underneath their pillow for those who do n’t pick up the bouquet.

The “ransom” is a standard part of a Russian marriage. In essence, the vicar’s associates kidnap the wedding before putting her in hiding until he reaches the end of a string of obligations intended to humiliate and humiliate him. To open the lady, the man kissrussianbeauty has make either authentic or symbolic payments.

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